We are all in this together

I was woken up today by a news piece on the radio about how a town in California has banned smoking in all public places, indoor and out. I have to say that I have no problems at all with that law. The principle behind it is plain and simple: you can do whatever you want to your own body, but you can't put others in harm. If you're outside and no one is around, you can light up. If you are around other people, don't smoke. It's simple and should make things very nice in that town. The "Truth" commercials and advertising to get people to stop smoking still pisses me off though. Smoking is a choice, and frankly if someone smokes and doesn't know how bad it is for them, then fuck 'em. Let them kill themselves. I think by now, every living thing on the planet understands how bad smoking is, but it is still a choice. As anyone who has ever been out to eat in Montreal knows, second hand smoke isn't a choice, it's something you learn to live with and try not to think too much about.

The other rant I've had on my mind has to do with germs. Here's the deal, I agree with "Donnie Darko" that antiseptics have been the greatest invention/discovery of all time, but I think that we are going a little crazy with them. They are the greatest invention every, because they allow us to live longer, they have allowed huge advancement in surgery, etc. But they have also caused people to forget how good the human body is at protecting itself. Example: do you use the hand rail at a metro station? Do you always wash your hands after leaving the metro? Hell no. You touch the same rail as thousands of other people, and do you get sick all the damn time? Hell no.

I don't wash my hands do a ridiculous degree. In fact, I probably wash my hands less often than I should. I'm not especially concerned with germs that I come in contact with. And you know what? I get sick about twice a year. Usually one minor cold and one real sickness where I stay in bed for a day. I trust my body and my immune sytem to do their jobs. On top of all that, antiseptics are the cause of the boom in allergies in recent years, because people are so crazy about keeping their children and areas around children clean that kids don't build up immunities to common things like dust. It's perfectly fine to let your kid go out and play in the dirt (as long as you don't live near any chemical plants.) Dirt is part of nature, and it's a good thing to not be allergic to nature. If you have a shitty immune system, then by all means, keep things around you clean. But, if you have nothing especially wrong with you, your body can take care of itself a lot better than you may give it credit for.