So, as planned, I did some wandering in the city today. It was a lot more walking and a lot less bus-surfing than I expected to do. I also covered a lot of area that I've been to before, but overall it was cool. I've taken some maps from a Montreal website, tied them together as best I could (there is a no-man's land on the maps, so they don't quite connect correctly,) and charted my journey. I've noted what music I put on at certain points in the trip. Also, the dotted lines indicate when I was walking and the solid lines indicate a bus ride. The Filipino bakery (that I was secretly hoping to find once I got in the area) near Cote-St. Catherine metro was my end point. I may post photos from the trip as well, but I don't have the energy right now.

The map is pretty big as far as pixel size (2378x1043), but not too bad in file size (420kb,) but I've just put a thumbnail here so it won't take up all of your friends page. Just click the pic if you want the full sized map.

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