This may be a bit forward, but I'll say it anyway: Batman Begins is the best Batman movie to date, and will likely stay that way for a long time, if not ever.

Alfred Hitchcock understood the principal, but few others did. It is very simple: the story of a man becoming a hero is much more interesting than a story of a hero beating the enemy. Think about it. Is there any James Bond movie that is better than "North by Northwest"? No, there is not. And the reason is simple. "North by Northwest" is the story of a regular guy becoming a hero. In every James Bond movie, he is already the hero, he has nothing to fear. That is the key. "Batman Begins" gives the story of Bruce, a regular guy, becoming Batman. That is far more interesting and intruiging than any other Batman movie.

More movies should realize this theory, but very few do. And that is a damn shame.

All right. Mike out.