That nap was the definition of brilliance.

Very weird continuing dreamlets though. It started as being on vacation with my mom and sister (Tracy) in Florida. I was watching a movie and eating cereal. Then I went out to the car and sat in the passenger seat. Then all of a sudden I was at some sort of house party (I think it was thrown by MJ.) Parker was there for a bit, then I was talking to Anna, then I think I took a shower, then (in the most random cameo ever) I think Dilliana was there grabbing a brownie before leaving, and I woke up just before MJ opened the door to welcome her dad. It all had strange lighting (very dark patches with spots of red, or maybe it was just that everyone was wearing red,) and there were strange mirrors and music, and it was a weird mash of my apartment, and a dorm bruilding. And every time I woke up just enough to roll over, the dream would contiue on as if nothing happened.