The Real Post

I like the idea of wandering around my apartment every night and typing away. I want to get into the habit of writing. I don't really care if it's anything creative, or if it is just mindless droppings like this. I figure that if I can get into the habit of writing, then it will become easier when I actually want to sit down and write something. As is, when I have something in mind that I want to write, it's a battle and in the end I'm still usually not all that pleased with what comes out. For the most part, the things that I'm happiest with are the things that come to me spur of the moment. Something pops into my head, I sit down, zone out, and a little while later there's a full screen in front of me. Those are the things that flow the easiest and are finished the fastest. I can't say that they are always great, but for the most part they are better than anything else, and on top of that, they are usually complete, at least in a first draft form. Other times, if I sit down with a purpose, I either have to fight for hours and finally just type crap until it's done, or the piece never gets finished.

All that to say that I like the habit that I'm starting. I like sitting around and typing. I know these may not be the most interesting posts, but fuck it. I don't give a damn. This is my journal, and I'll write what I feel like. If someone happens to read it and enjoy it, then kudos to me, but that's not my aim. I'm not trying to get the biggest friends list, or the most comments. I'm trying to get my thoughts out of my head and out somewhere semi-permanent. I already know who the usual suspects are in my comment space, there aren't too many of you, you are part of an elite group as far as I'm conserned. The Danger Squad. That is fuckin' sweet. I wish I were part of the Danger Squad... Wait a minute, I'm the head of the Danger Squad! I'm Charlie, and I've got a bunch of angels to choose from! Charlie Dangerous. Sweet.

See? How the hell would I have ever come up with that shit if I hadn't been sitting here, just banging away on the keyboard and seeing what happens? Never would have happened. I'd never be Charlie. Or at least, I'd never have realized that I'm Charlie. That's the brilliance of the wireless keyboard. It leaves me more in my head while I'm typing, because I'm not staring at the words on a computer screen. I just follow my thoughts where they lead me, then go back and correct any typos afterwards. (Although, I'm finding suprisingly few typos. I like that.)

I know that I can easily get carried away when I do this (just look at my last couple posts in this vein, they're like 4 times longer than my average.) So, I'll cut this one short and lay down the keyboard for tonight. Goodnight everybody. Sweet dreams all around.