In class today we were talking about Feminism (in terms of English lit) and blah blah blah. All of a sudden I was having a thought connecting sex and computers. The basic thought ran something along the lines of sex being the hardware (genetics being the hardware that forms the male and female sexes) and gender/sexuality being the software. My brain then made the leap to assigning the male sex to PCs and the female sex to Macs, and gender/sexuality became the operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Lindows, etc.) I hit the roadblock of Mac hardware only being able to run the Mac OS (so far, but that is changing) and the analogy faltered.

My geekery still amused me though.

(P.S. to Josie and anyone else who may want to start something, I have no intention of arguing sex/gender/sexuality ever again with anyone, so don't bother.)