Crazy dream

So, the basic setting of the dream was that I was in college, but I was sort of like a Van Wilder type guy. I had been at school for a really long time and people came to me for stuff and with problems. The dorm was pretty much connected to everything.

It started out with me wandering from my dorm room (a small single, like the one I had freshman year at Syracuse, to a couple public computers that were down the hall. Behind the computers you were looking down on sort of a mall courtyard area with a fountain and stuff. I played this video game on the computer (I think it was sort of like Morrowind,) then I had to go back to my room for a minute. On the way back to my room, I ran into Andrea St. John (one of my biggest crushes in high school,) I told her to come by my room whever, the door was always open (exactly my policy at SU, I never locked my door, not even when I went home for the weekend. Once I went home for the weekend, and when I got back a bunch of my friends were sitting in my room watching TV.) Anyway, I futzed around in my room for a bit, then I went back to the computers and these two geeks had hijacked the compys and were playing my game. Rather than kicking them off, I just took back my game CD so they couldn't copy it, and I went back to my room.

Again, I futzed in my room for a bit before a friend of mine came in (name withheld because of super weirdness coming.) She started seducing me and complaining about her boyfriend. We went back to her room (right next door) and started making out and whatever. We were about to do it, when she mentioned condoms and pointed to her desk. I said I should run back to my room really quickly to get the big ones because the regular ones chafe me a bit. Just as I was about to go (buck naked of course), her boyfriend comes back. Somehow, I hide in the corner of this tiny room for a couple minutes before he finds me and all hell breaks loose. I jet just as I hear her say, "Maybe if you weren't gay!"

When I get back to my room (half naked) Andrea is there with some dude looking through my CDs. Things here are a bit blurry, but somehow I'm at a computer and people are messaging me that they need me to explain (not teach) what javascript is (including squiggle4me.) Andrea and I wander to this computer lab where even though everyone is there to hear my explanation, I go onto a computer to tell them over messenger (and to do some last minute research.) I print out a couple things about javascript, then I spend a lot of time trying to think of an analogy that would relate javascript to the city. After a bunch of failed analogies, I came up with: Javascript is like public transportation. You can get around the city (internet) without it, but javascript makes everything faster and easier.

After making that declaration, all of a sudden I was on a bus/train coming back to my apartment. I had a feeling that I was coming back from _anemone_ and salade_dressing's place, but it was farther east than their actual place, and the area looked more like Cote St. Luc. There was a guy on the bus who just kept hitting the stop button and making the bell ring. He was ranting about his son and something. When he finally got off the bus, the bus turned into a subway train. We came to a stop at a station that looked like a blend between Mount Royal metro and a NYC subway station.

Then everything fades away.