Walk home

I had been planning on posting this when I got back from class this afternoon, but hunger got the best of me, so I forgot. There were a few things that I wanted to say, I doub't I'll remember them all, but let's see what I got:

1) Arctic Monkeys
-This is a damn good album. Arctic Monkeys are a cool mix of Brit punk and indie music. The lead singer has the same sort of vocal quality as Jamie Cullum, but with a deeper accent. It works very well for the music. They are fun with good beats and good songs, such as Who's that girl there?
I wonder what went wrong
So that she had to roam the streets
She dunt do major credit cards
I doubt she does receipts
It's all not quite legitimate

And what a scummy man
Just give him half a chance
I bet he'll rob you if he can
Can see it in his eyes,
That he's got a driving ban
Amongst some other offences

And I've seen him with girls of the night
And he told Roxanne to put on her red light
It’s all infected but he'll be alright
Cause he's a scumbag, don't you know
I said he's a scumbag, don't you know!

Although you're trying not to listen
Overt your eyes and staring at the ground
She makes a subtle proposition
“Sorry love I'll have to turn you down”

He must be up to something
What are the chances sure it’s more than likely
I've got a feeling in my stomach
I start to wonder what his story might be

They said it changes when the sun goes down
Around here

Look here comes a Ford Mondeo
Isn't he Mister Inconspicuous?
And he don't have to say 'owt
She’s in the stance ready to get picked up

Bet she's delighted when she sees him
Pulling in and giving her the eye
Because she must be fucking freezing
Scantily clad beneath the clear night sky
it doesn't stop in the winter, no
Around here

They said it changes when the sun goes down
Over the river going out of town

What a scummy man
Just give him half a chance
I bet he'll rob you if he can
Can see it in his eyes that he's got a nasty plan
I hope you're not involved at all

2) Balls
-On my walk home from class, I cut through the McGill campus. As I was walking and watching the streams of students going from building to building, I really wanted to reach down, grab some snow and whip it at someone. Ideally, it would have started a huge campus-wide snowball fight. I didn't do it because, in reality, the person I hit with the first snowball would call me a jerk and that would be it. I just wanted to play.

3) Generic
-Also on my walk through McGill, I noticed something about McGill students, or maybe it was just the atmosphere of the campus. I noticed that no matter what ethnicity or race or whatever, everyone on the McGill campus seemed very generic. Maybe it is an effect of the campus, or that the majority of students are wearing similar winter wear, but every face on that campus was bland, no one had any edge, or flair, or hint of the exotic. Even if someone is speaking another language, it can almost sound like English when you're at McGill. This is especially strange because of how much that contrasts with the rest of Montreal. This city is just a mix of cultures and ways of life, but not in the melting pot way of America. Here (as in a lot of Canada, I believe) people hold onto their cultures and heritage. It's like McGill is an American microcosm sitting in the center of Montreal.

I'm pretty sure those are all the things that I wanted to say. I guess it's about time to figure out what I'm going to do for the rest of the night.