Stupid waking up

I hated this quiz. It was far too simplified and binary. I hated it after like the second or third question, which was something to the effect of: "If you are at a party and a drunk guy/girl is propositioning you, do you take advantage of it?" The only options given are yes/no. That is just a shitty quiz. There are a lot more factors, such as: Am I drunk too? How hot is this person? Had we been talking before the drunkenness took hold? I guess we are supposed to assume as the test taker that this is a stranger and you are sober, but if that is true, all it proves is that this is a shitty test.

That question was just one example of many in the quiz that annoyed me. But, at least having a bunch of stupid, unanswerable questions will lead to a completely incorrect answer: I will be reincarnated as myself. How it came up with that, I have no fucking clue. I do not believe in reincarnation. I don't particularly believe in souls. (That is always a question that pisses me off on quizes. The "Do you believe in God?" Yes/No. How about a third option for me: "I don't care." It isn't that I don't believe there is a God, I just don't care. Whether or not there is a God will not change the way I live my life in any way.)

I believe in choices. I believe in happiness and love. I believe in music and art and inspiration. I believe in the potential of humans. I love going to churches and other places of worship, not for any holy aspect, but because I love seeing the amazing structures and beautiful art that humans create for their beliefs.

Personally, I don't care if there is a god. My actions are already plenty motivated by: women and trying to better myself. But, if your belief can lead you to create something like St. Peter's cathedral, then your beliefs are valid, and I don't care what they are.

All right, enough of this. I shouldn't have done this right after waking up. This rant is going to make me late for class.

After you die...
Reincarnated as Yourself

After death, you will be reborn again as yourself. You will live the same life, unbeknownst to you. However, you will have vivid moments of déjà vu, as you probably have now.

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