I fucking love Talib Kweli. I sorta fell away from hip-hop/rap over the past couple months, but I just got a hold of Kweli: Confidential, which is a Best of Talib's BK Emcee appearances on other people's albums. I was listening to the album and walking to class and loving it. I was about 3 tracks in and I had the thought, "This is amazing. I love this album. I love Talib Kweli. I gotta tell people about this."

About one minute after I had that thought, Talib breaks into the track and says, "OK, this is the part where, like, you just bought this and you came from the show, or you just got this off the internet or something, and you just like, 'Damn! They doin' it! They doin' it!' Just pull over, stop what you doing. Check it out..." Then they launch back into the track. I heard that, and I was like, "Hell yeah! That is exactly what is happening!" It was a great moment.