I just saw a speech by the head of the Olympic Committee (this might be a replay of the opening ceremonies or something.) Anyway, the guy was saying something to the effect that the spirit of the Olympic games and sports in general is a spirit of brotherhood that transcends political, cultural, religious, and language barriers.

Isn't that the exact opposite of the truth? The point of sport is competition and being the best. The Olympics pit countries against each other in competition. There may be a spirit of brotherhood between teammates, but certainly not between athletes who are competing against each other.

The majority of people who watch the games root for atheletes from their own country, and root against certain countries based on political ideals (remember US vs. USSR at the '80 Olympics in Lake Placid?) Do you think any Americans were rooting for Cuba when they won the gold in baseball at the last summer Olympics? How about when Canada and the USA play each other in hockey over the next couple weeks? The only things driving the rivalries that exist in the Olympics are political and cultural.

Just my thoughts.