not feeling much better, but not feeling much worse. it ended up being an unexpected day of hockey at adam's (since they didn't go snowboarding and i felt i should bring back the game i stole, since adam did just buy it yesterday.) it was good resting and mending on the couch with some chamomile tea and quiche (they take good care of me.) then there was "Dr. Strangelove" and "Get Carter", two movies i had never seen. Strangelove was good (especially the unexpected bit part by a young James Earl Jones.) Get Carter was... Stalone. it was the kind of movie that when it got to the "emotional" parts, i wished that Sly would start beating someone up.

time to rest some more, and save my energy for uki new year tomorrow.

oh! and for a criptic addendum: i got a response. not good, but not bad either.