need warmth

my body hates me right now, because i am a stupid person. in the past 27 hours i have:

-got drunk at the best party the bishop pub has ever seen, courtesy of Mr. James Irwin. (side note on James: it is a very interesting thing to know someone who is a writer. he is not just someone who writes. there are no questions or fallbacks needed for him. he is a writer, pure and simple.)
-gotten angry at myself for the standard reason
-made plans with parker's girlfriend laura to, if we both get drunk enough, dance the best cheesy dances we can (aka the typewriter, the white-man's overbite, the fishing pole, the shopping cart, etc.)
-made plans with taylor and parker to all grow handlebar mustaches
-talked to my dad at 5AM, while slightly sobering up, and planned his visit on thursday
-slept only (yes, only) 7 hours afterwards
-got up a little after noon
-ate a banana, peed, and showered
-wandered around downtown with adam, and bought the newest Pocket Dwellers disc (while having a nice chat with the cashier, a girl who desperately misses the States. all cashiers have been extremely friendly today.)
-went back to adam's, watched the medal ceremony for women's hockey, then some UFC beat-downs, then played NHL 2K6 for about 5 hours
-ate two small, but yummy fried egg sandwiches around 5
-didn't eat anything else
-petted chairman mao until my hands got itchy, my numb finger started buzzing from numb itchies, and transfered the itchy to my neck as well
-watched the first two episodes of "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" a 70s BBC mini-series starring Alec Guinnes
-noticed in a detached way as my body got colder and colder, my brain fuzzier and fuzzier from hunger
-walked home trying desperately to 1) not fall down from hunger, 2) not shiver myself to death, 3) not vomit from hunger
-got home at about 1AM, and peed for the second time today
-ate a little, not feeling much better
-had a hot chocolate (starting to feel better, but very tired)
-written this entry

up next: bed time, with my eyes feeling like they are overheating from a low-grade 100.6 degree fever (38.1 C for all you metrics out there.)