Movie time

Woo, for fun times!

A thanks to: moonlightjoy, _anemone_, salade_dressing, archdiva, and Shannon for coming to the first ever baking movie night. I can't wait to do it again.

The other thing in my head that I want to write about is my growing yellow fever. I'm becoming obsessed with all things Japanese. I've always been interested in Japan and bushido and anime and whatnot, but I feel like it's really kicking into high gear right now. I wanted to rent movies yesterday, and I ended up looking through the Japanese live-action and the anime for half an hour before grabbing two (I watched Black Angel, which sucked, but had a few nice visuals, and I burned Seven Samurai to be watched at a later date.) I want to get my hands on as much Japanese entertainment as possible. Over the winter break, I downloaded a 6gig pack of "Learn Japanese" tapes and books, but I haven't put much time into it. The wallpaper on my computer is being rotated through about 80 Ando Hiroshige paintings, changing every 5 minutes. And, of course, in watching the Olympics, the hottest moguls skiier of the pack was Aiko Uemura, of Japan (Google her, she's hot, I swear.)

I think that's all.