I do not understand my body

Under normal circumstances, my body needs more sleep than average. Sleep is the greatest tool for me. If I'm on the verge of being sick, I sleep for as long as I can, and normally I will get better faster than normal. So right now, sitting here at 3AM after sleeping for a fickle 4.5 hours this morning (didn't get to bed until almost 8AM, so nighttime was gone,) this is all just odd and confusing for me. I should be tired right now. I should want desperately to climb into bed and pass out. Granted, I'm on the futon tonight because my dad is in town, so I don't expect to get good sleep. But, I should want to be asleep right now. I shouldn't want to sit at the computer and futz around. I shouldn't want to grab my camera and go for a walk. I shouldn't want to watch the Olympics.

I just don't understand how I'm not tired right now. Is it just that I got myself on a fucked up sleep schedule? Is there caffeine in sushi that I don't know about? Is it "Wedding Crashers" and "Broken Flowers" replaying, bit by bit, over top of each other in my brain?

CBC just went off the air. No more Olympics. Oh well.

Ooooh! I got 3 Talib Kweli albums! I cashed in 3 of my free CDs from BMG and my dad brought them up today. So now I have a working copy of Quality, as well as copies of Beautiful Struggle and Reflection Eternal. So hyped about this.

sugarcomkat posted a link to a cool site about popular scientific myths. It's a pretty cool site. Not enough explanation of stuff. Some of them I knew were bunk, some were new to me, which is cool. Overall, a solid site. Me likey.

Maybe this whole thing is a way to get myself on a schedule to really rock the Montreal All-Nighter (aka La Nuit Blanche) for the Festival of Lights that's happening on Saturday. I've never taken advantage of it in the three years I've been in the city for it (hell, I didn't know about it til last year,) so this is the year to rock it. Supposedly, I'm rocking it with Adam, Parker, Lisa and crew, but if anyone else wants in (and has bothered to make it this far through my entry, which I doubt most people have, I know I wouldn't read this far into this entry,) you're all welcome to join in. Well, maybe not all of you, but those of you that I like are totally invited. I'm sure you know who you are.

Yeah, I'm done with this entry.

-Mike out