Does anyone out there have a Widnows XP disc that I can borrow? Somehow, of the 4 discs I have, only one is bootable and that one has an unfixable scratch on it.

In true form, I have fucked up my computer beyond repair and I need to start from scratch. It started by trying to install the newest beta of IE7, which effectively killed both IE and System Restore on my computer. Then last night, I tried rolling back from PC-Cillin 2006 to 2005 and now the system is pretty well useless. Luckily, I can still boot into safe mode, so I'm hoping that either MicroBytes, New Logic or Futureshop has a fairly lax return policy on harddrives. I'm hoping I can buy a 160-200gig drive, throw it in my tower, backup all my data, reformat my harddrive into 2 partitions (something I should have done from the beginning), reinstall Windows, copy back all my data, and return the harddrive.

That's the plan, but of course, if I have no usable Windows disc the whole plan is shot to hell.

I'm just glad that I have my laptop to get my gmail fix and I haven't lost any data yet.