I had so many different dreams last night. Let's see how many I can remember.

1) First, I was sitting in a room with a few other people. One girl said something about God and believing. I made (in my mind) the best argument for my belief structure that I ever have, but of course I can't remember it now. The girl said something to the effect of "There are refunds in heaven for all the bad you've gone through." I laughed at that, and said I would love to have it on a t-shirt. Then I said that when I got to heaven I'd raise my hand (flashed to this scene) and say, "Yeah, God? Way back in 1990-" Then I was cut off because a huge rat landed on my raised hand and dug its claws into me. The rest of the dream was taken up with my friends trying to drive the rat out with a broom.

2) I was in a weird live action version of Mario 64 wherein I was Mario and I had to collect the stars. On top of that I was wandering around with this girl that I didn't know. At one point we were in a bathroom, and I had been trying to climb up through the vents in the ceiling above the middle stall to get a secret star. Then a bunch of people that I went to high school with came in to the bathroom.

3) I was a memeber of the Bluth family. We were on a circular raft on a lake, very close to the shore. It was me, Michael Bluth, Buster, I think George Sr. was on the shore and for some reason I think my friend Ramsey was there (though he was a kid, like Huey from the Boondocks.) We were trying to get a business running on the dock, while also trying to keep a shark from eating Buster.

4) I was in a museum with my dad. I felt someone do something to my bag and I turned and caught the guy, who it turned out was Gob Bluth. He had cut open one of the front pockets on my bag and taken something (though I wasn't sure there was anything in there to take.) I held him where he was and got security, but security wouldn't do anything because no one actually saw him take anything from my bag. Suddenly, we were all waiting in my living room in Lake Placid for the cops to arrive. The cop that showed up was Ramsey, once again looking a lot like a live action version of Huey.

There was another dream in there somewhere in which I was in a field with a few other people and we were chasing each other or something. That one ended with someone pulling out a rat sandwich.

Wow. That was crazy.