So many things to say...

First of all, as a reminder to myself: part one is done, now it is time to really work on part 2. I just wish I could see the reaction from the first part.

Secondly, my room looks like a geek war-zone. There are soda cans everywhere (not from me), video games, CDs and DVDs everywhere, a laptop on a chair covered in LAN cables and a router, and the piece de resistance... on the floor in front of my TV is a keyboard that is hooked up to a PS2 that is halfway taken apart and running a pirated game. It's a cozy space.

Lastly, music. It is quite obvious to anyone who has ever met me that music is an integral part of my life. I costantly have music (full songs) running through my head. I can sing full songs, on rhythm and not missing a lyric, without actually hearing the song as a reminder first. I can do this with literally hundreds of songs possibly in the thousands, I can't say for sure.

My tastes in music evolve over time, but don't really change much. The music I loved 10 years ago, I still love today, there is just a wider selection around that music. I really got into music when I was about 16 and as a result, if I spent long enough, I could plot the course of my life over the last 8 years through the music I listened to and the songs that were important to me. (If memory serves, as it usually does, I believe I started doing just that in this space a while back.)

Right now, the song that is rumbling through my head is "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve. It first entered my life in the summer of 1998 when I listened to that album ("Urban Hymns", along with Eels - "Beautiful Freak") religiously at summer college at Syracuse. The song came back to me on a night during July of 2004 and it is forever going to be linked with that night.

**edited for content**

Now, that song represents a turning point in my life. The moment that I saw things moving down a bad path, but I did nothing to stop it. I said nothing. I can't say what would have happened had I said something. I don't like those lines of thinking. Even so, that moment started the downward slide of the following year and a half, and the soundtrack of that moment was The Verve.