Just wrote a long entry then Firefox crashed before I could post it. I don't want to write it again, so we go with bullet format:

-At 10:30PM, I was getting ready for a quiet night alone - pierogies, a bowl, and a movie.
-Adam and Lisa showed up.
-We went to the movies with Parker and Larissa to see "Star Virgin" a 1979 porn. The movie was legitimately funny, not just in a "ew gross 70s porn" way, but a real "this is funny" way. Scene 1 was in "The Garden of Eden Inc." Scene 2 was in silent movie style featuring Dracula and a hunchback wearing a onesie and a Richard Nixon mask going at it with a girl.
-Nerding. Compy 1 had no game. Compy 2 had a mouse that crapped out. Compy 3 froze before getting into the game. Got my money back, used some of Adam's minutes.
-Nerding home-style. K-1 fighting sucked. Tekken Tag rocked. I had a 7 match win streak.
-Home around 4AM.
-About to buy a program to let me run games off a HD in my PS2. It's a good alternative to buying or burning games. Faster loading times and less wear on my PS2. Not sure if I want to get a bigger HD for the system.

Mike out.