Just another day in a long string of them.

3 years ago: I remember being with friends in DC, and having a great time, but sometimes wishing I were far away. I remember calling one house, then another, then back to the first, just to hear one voice and make my night complete.

2 Years ago: I remember being surrounded by family and warmth and laughter. I remember being happy, if a little nervous. I remember my first New Year's kiss.

Last year: I remember a rush to a party, a nice comfortable pre-party, then hordes of people showing up and I remember becoming just another person in a sea of bodies. I remember continuously looking, but not seeing her there. I remember giving up on following her around and just getting wasted. Then all I remember is the walk home.

Last night: I threw away all memory for a time, and let the hours pass from one day to the next.