It may have felt like all night, but it was really just an ahour and a half or so. I had the strangest dream.

It was set in Lake Placid, but it was a suburb of Montreal, or part of the island maybe. It started out with me messing around with things in my room, DVDs, PS2 whatever. I was just waiting for him to show up. I knew he would because he had done some sort of video editing job that was going to bring him to the neighborhood. When he showed up, I pounced. I beat the shot out of him and pinned him down. I explained the situation to him while keeping him down with punches to the face.

At one point, the dream went to a commercial of me beating the shit out of him.

After I thought I had completely explained myself and what would happen if I ever saw him again, I escorted him back to his truck. On the way, he made a remark that I didn't like and I smashed his face into a wall, then pulled his head back and looked at his nose bhroken and bleeding. I made him stare at the mess on the wall until he truly understood me. I took his things and let him go. As he was leaving I said, "If I ever see you again, well... all you'll see is black." I walked away, and he got in his truck and left.

I went back into my room and laid out what I had taken from him: a collection of movies, including porn, a PS2, and a modded PSP. From the hallway, I heard my dad say, "What the hell?" and all of the power in the house shut off. I saw the red numbers of my alarm clock fade away, then there was a sound like a lightbulb burning out and a flash of light in my lower back and a shock that traveled up my spine and made my head jerk back. As I was falling, I turned toward the window and saw my sister and dad grab their backs and fall. On my knees, I said, "You son of a bitch..." as everything got brighter and brighter and was engulfed by a bright white light.

And I woke up... feeling really, really good if not a little confused.

Now, I'm heading back to bed because even though it is almost 11AM, I've only gotten a little over 5 hours of sleep.