Feeling tired. wonky, slightly nauseous (or that might be hunger, I can't tell this soon after waking up) and possibly on the verge of being sick. I hope a shower helps, because if not, today is gonna be a long day.

I this morning after waking up around 8:30 and going back to sleep for an hour, I had part two of a dream that started last week. I was at school somewhere (it felt familiar, but I couldn't place it.) I was rooming with Adam in a very small room (you walk in, his bed is on the right, computer desks along the far wall, by bed on the left and about 6 square feet of usable floor space.) manhattanhero lived down the hall, and kidlicious73 and his sister were also on campus somewhere. Last time, I dreamt that I wandered down to a cool courtyard, sat down and started playing a guitar, with a sign saying something about the "Church of Floating". After I left, I found out that the courtyard was notorious for small fanatic groups. I also found out that I could float and fly, so for the rest of both dreams, I didn't walk any more. I either floated a couple inches off the ground or flew. (I was much better at the floating. The flying was more like extreme-floaty jumping.) At the end of the last dream, I heard that the Kid and his sister had joined some weird cult. I wandered down there. Everyone was wearing black pants, white button uyp shirts and black ties. I saw that Kid's dad was also there, then I took a movie (Fight Club, I think) from the kid and left because he wouldn't even talk to me.

This time around, it started out where I was at home on some sort of break. I was sleeping on the bed in my dad's room and there were a bunch of computers set up in the corner. I filled my pants cargo pockets with DVDs and went back to school, thought about visiting Jim, but ended up watching some weird movie on the computer with Adam (it almost looked like it could be home movies from emjayne and moonlightjoy from when they were younger. I wandered back down to the courtyard (I really have to try describing the courtyard at some point) and there were a lot more white-shirted people than before. I floated over to the Kid and tried talking to him, but he was super pissed and yelling at me about how he told me to never visit him there. I started floating off when there were tiny hands grabbing at me. It was the Kid's sister. She pulled the Kid's movie from one of my pockets, then pulled a pack of cigarrettes (what the hell?) from another pocket. I took back the pack of cigs. The group was swarming at me so I flew/jumped up to a balcony, struggling to get away from all the tiny hands that were reaching for me.

Then I woke up.

Very weird. Lots of computer stuff too, but I can't remember that. The floating was awesome. Kinda strange was that I slept badly in the dream (and in reality) and when I got back to school, Adam asked if I was okay and I said I hadn't slept well. To which he replied, "Yeah, that's going around."

All right, time to start the day.