First things being first: PHONE DATE FINALLY COMPLETED! WOO!

I hadn't talked to Katiedid in such a long time. It is ridiculous. We always have so much fun on the phone, but only talk a few times a year. Hell, I haven't seen her since New Years 3 years ago. If I do end up in L.A. after graduation, there are some fun times ahead with Katiedid and Yontz out there. Looking forward to Ramen, smores muffins and begging on the street.

Second things coming after those that are first: Title track.

I'm getting excited about writing again. I don't remember when I stopped being excited, but I can feel it starting to build. I'm surrounded by good stuff right now. I'm reading some awesome stuff (mostly Transmetropolitan, a brilliant comic for those who like the medium.) I hang out with cool, creative people (CASE Open Mic on Thursday!) I'm in this experimental fiction workshop, so I've got cool things to read from that, as well as stories to write myself. And, I'm getting into looking through my old stuff and seeing what potential I can find. (One plan has started running, and if this works out, I will be jazzed as all hell. But, until it starts to bloom, I'm keeping it under wraps.)

I'm feeling good. I like this. Let's keep it rolling.