Boring story of getting to class

I almost didn't bother with class today. Class was at 11:45. I got downstairs at 11:18 and watched a bus driving away. I didn't feel like sliding the 3 blocks to the Metro, so I waited. At 11:31, the next bus arrived, completely packed. I was going to give up right there. I even walked back into my building, but I thought, "There's still time, maybe another bus will show soon."

I went back outside and prepared myself to wait. Then, a girl came around asking if anyone wanted to split a cab to Concordia. She said it would be about 7 bucks. I had 5 bucks, she had 4. Seemed like it would work out. It cost us $5.20 to get to the Metro stop that I didn't want to walk to. We got off there and headed into the Metro. At 11:45 we were on the platform waiting, still no sign of anyone from a bus. Chatted a bit, she's from Toronto, her mom lived in the Bronx for a while, probably right near where I used to live, she's in history, but wants to get into creative writing, she's got a mutt dog, yadda, yadda.

Got to school, parted ways, didn't even think to ask her name (though I doubt it will matter at all.) Got to class at 11:53. Class out at 1:00, back home by 1:20.

Now, what do I do with the rest of the day?