Zoom Kick Persuasion Tech

I have no idea what I'm about to write, but as an added bonus for everyone, I will write it while dropping the kids off at the pool. Such are the joys of the wireless keyboard.

I just watched a movie with dad, I think it was called "High Sociey". It starred Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, Fank Sinatra and Louis Armsrong. The music was good, the tory was predictable, and the acting was okay. Through the entire movie, I couldn't get Parker out of my head, going on about lingistics and how people have studied old moviesnd the accet that Grace Kelly ha has nobasis in any region or class in the world. It's as if it is an accent that eisted onlyfor actresses playing upper class characters.

I dunno. I don't really have anythiong else to say, but I feeel like I should eep typing. (Remember, I'm nowhere near the monitor right now, so any typos areunknown to me and will stay here .Just for funsies.) I like this. There is something amusing and nice about sitting in the bathroom and sending thoughts outward instead of absorbing them om a book or whatbnot. Just think about it: how many goo ideas have you had in the bathroom? Showers are a great thought haven, ut there's noway to get the thought on paper. Maybe some sort of water-proof recording device would be good. I just like having a place and time here I can let my figers wande and see what happens. I don't give myself that much any more. I'm starting to realize that my best works of witing happen almost byaccident. By that I mean, they happen when I'm not paying much attentionto what I'm dong. When I actually si down and try to wite something specific, it may come out well, but usualy it cold be beter.

My feet are fuckig freezing. I don't know what it is about this huse, but feet can never stay warm It's a bitch becauecold feet meas thatmy overll body feels too cold and that nmeans tha i I go outide (where it is actualy cold) I will never feel good because i won't have built up heat reserves. Dammit, the cold is creping up my legs in a wqeird ache. Maybe a few more pairs of sock will help. Let me get onthat.

Back in my room, but I'm keeping the montior turned off until I finish writing. I don't want to see my words on the screen. I just want to see them in my mind and in the keys. Sometimes, when my mind goes fuzzy and my eyes blur, all i can se are the keys in the middle of the keyboard and my hands around them. And each word that comes into my hea, comes zooming forward from that space between my hands, and it's my job to keep my hands moving fast enough that I can catch the words and send them through to the other side. I was going to say "through the wire" which not only made me think of Kanye, but also that there are no more wires on my keyboard, which lead me to Willy Wonka sending chocolate "in a million tiny pieces through the air." Brains are funny things. Losing focus can be the exact thing that brings focus to you.

How terribly annoying. All those connections brought my brain back online. Each blink made my vision clearer and clearer, and now all there is in front of me is a keyboard and a dark screen.

Neil Gaiman said that a writer's worst nightmare is a blank page. He is right. But it seems to me that the best writers will stare at that page until it is filled. The ones that avoid the page until they have something to write, that's a trouble zone.

I think I'm done now. Let's see if I can post this without turning on the monitor. It should be about 8 tabs then enter.... damn, it should have been 12. Good to know.