I'm not sure what I wanted to say, and that's what I want to say.

Richard Pryor died today. This makes me sad and confused. Sad because he was a comic genius, and confused because I was sure that he had been dead for about 5 years now.

It was a little weird at work today when someone brought in the news of his passing. everyone was shocked, except Ramsey (the lone black guy) because he had never heard of Richard Pryor. This news shocked the majority of the staff, because as they said, Richard Pryor paved the way for every current black comedian. I was shocked that Ramsey didn't know who Richard Pryor was, not because Richard Pryor was such a huge figure in the history of black entertainers, but because Richard Pryor was such a huge part of entertainment history in general. He didn't only pave the way for every black stand-up comedian that followed him, but every edgy comic to follow him. He opened up what was acceptable from stand-up comedians. I don't argue that Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Eddie Griffin wouldn't have careers if not for Richard Pryor. I would take it further and say that we wouldn't have TV shows like Family Guy, or South Park that push (and sometimes cross) the limits of what it is acceptable to laugh at.

Just my thoughts. Anyway, at least for the next few days there will be nothing but Richar Pryor shows and movies on TV. That is gonna be awesome.