I keep meaning to post about this. The Lake Placid Lodge burned down a couple days ago. It was probably the most upscale resort in town. It has had a lot of high profile guests, like Bruce Sringsteen, John Mellencamp, and Mike Richter (including his wedding.) It's the kind of place that was back in the woods, right on Lake Placid, and where you could go into the dining room and drop a few grand on dinner. My sister used to work there and they catered to an amazingly mob-ish guy named Mr. Knuckles, who once spent 8 grand on dinner.

But as with all of the rustic goodness in this town, the whole resort was made of wood, so once it started it just kept going. Plus, all we have is a volunteer fire department, so it's not the biggest crew. Anyway, early word has it that the Lodge owners stand to lose a few hundred thousand dollars just in the wine that burned up. They had multiple bottles of wine worth 15 grand or more.

Crazy. Anyway, time to make the pizzas.