New Music Woots

1) The Go! Team (half pure fun, half Rocky montage training music. awesome)
2) Buck 65 (almost spoken word, good beats)(thank you, Lady)
3) My Morning Jacket (very familiar sound, hints or Radiohead, Pink Floyd and others, good mix)
4) Paul Wall (the most ghetto white guy on the planet, good rhymes though)
5) Wolf Parade (great voice, fun early 90s sound)
6) Anna Nalick (solid songs, sound isn't very distinct though)
7) Death From Above 1979 (good beats, good rock)
8) The Earlies (Polyphonic Spree meets Death Cab for Cutie)
9) Lightning Bolt (rock drug rush - some speed, some crack, some acid, all crazy)
10) Vashti Bunyan (kinda good, but not my bag.)