Listy thinking

I was doing well with the paper, then I lost focus for a while. It'll get done though.

It is really warm at my computer. Now I understand why the original heatsink I had wasn't good enough. This bitch churns out some heat. I've never felt this close to sweating while sitting shirtless at my computer.

I'm at a crossroads. The 15lb weight is hitting a plateau for me. I can either keep going with the 15lb and tone my arms, or I can pick up the 25lb weight and jack up my arm strength some more. Not sure what to do.

Since no one wants to buy it, I've decided to start using my Rio again. I'll learn to make due with only 20gigs of space.

I'd forgotten how much fun it is to walk around to a soundtrack. I challenge anyone out there to try walking while listening to The Go! Team (especially tracks 3-6) without bouncing. It is completely impossible.

Feist is cool. I like her album from last year. I'd like to hear more.

I'm downloading the new (and possibly unreleased yet) album from The Darkness. We'll see if it's as fun as their last disc.

I got the newest album from The Postal Service, but haven't listened to it yet. I expect goodness.

Holy fucking shitball fucks, I love music.

I need CD-Rs.

I need to fix my headspace. It's an awkward place to be.

I need to finish this paper now.