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I have been a technology and media junkie all of my life. I am constantly on the search for new hardware and software to experience, and I always have a critical eye on the media and how technology and the surrounding topics are portrayed in the media.  I love feeling as though people can learn something new from what I write, and not just get the same news story that they've seen everywhere else.

Three years ago, I finally decided to combine my lifelong love of writing with my love of technology by getting into the tech news business. I started out specifically writing about Android, first on a two man team at ThisGreenMachine.com, which grew from a site with about 1,000 uniques per month to around 5,000 per month during my time there. I then moved on to Androinica.com where I was able to reach an even larger audience and really hone my voice. For the past year, I have been working at PhoneArena.com which has been an amazing experience, allowing me to reach an even larger audience (~4 million+ per month) and cover all topics in the mobile world, not just Android.

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