Still not sure when the comic is coming back, but a couple exciting developments to pass along. 

First, East 73 has gone mobile! The mobile site will have access to all of our content. It's not the easiest for looking through our back catalog just yet, but I'm still working on it. So, for now, you can keep up with us at m.east73.com

Second, our podcasts are on iTunes! You can subscribe, and any time we put up a new podcast it'll come straight to you through iTunes. 

Technology, gotta love it. 


That pesky life thing...

As anyone will notice if you come around these parts, we've lost our rhythm in posting. But, not to fear! We are still working on East 73. Well, we're still working on The Crew comics, at least. Whether Haiku Jukebox continues its journey, that is still up for debate. 

The breakdown is as follows: Kid is busy working two jobs and dealing with family issues. Danger is busy working two jobs, and writing a regular Android column for ThisGreenMachine. Gui and Smooth don't really do much around here, so that's where we stand. 

There are a bunch of Crew strips written up, and assuming Kid finds time to draw them, we'll have some Crew comics coming back. Unfortunately, Haiku Jukebox has been a Danger production, so unless he can magically find some time to get back on track, that may be on a fairly extended hiatus. 

In the meantime, feel free to check out Danger's twitter feed or ThisGreenMachine if you're looking for some content by an East 73 founder. Otherwise, just hold tight, and we'll be back soon enough!

Google Scribe

Okay, I realize this is incredibly random, but I just heard about Google Scribe today and I wanted to try it out. The idea is that it will auto-finish words as you type, but if you let it, it will also finish full sentences. All I wrote above was "Dance with" then I chose the auto-completes that would fit the 5-7-5 haiku structure. I think it worked out surprisingly well. 


New Droid Love

Sorry about the late update, but if you've read the newest column in "This Kid's Take", you understand why the strip didn't make it out on time. 

This is episode 4 in one of the few continuous story lines that we have right now here at East 73. If you'd like to catch up, feel free to check out:

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