This is a collection of content created over the years mostly by Michael Heller, who can't seem to get away from a keyboard. 

These sections are no longer updated with any regularity.


I have been a fan of comics since I was around 13, and I've always wanted to try my hand at creating comics. The first trouble I ran into is that I can't draw all that well. So, originally I created Haiku Jukebox, where I mashed-up silly haikus with photos I took or found around the Interwebs.

But, my friend Mike Rattee (aka Kid) was a trained illustrator. So, after years of talking about it, we started making a webcomic called The Crew, although the fact that I lived in Boston and he in upstate NY made it difficult to keep it up with The Crew.

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Crossover Rhythm

I got into the game fairly late. I didn't really start paying attention to the NBA until late in high school. My friend Kid (the artist on our comic The Crew) was big into basketball, and he got me hooked too. Growing up in rural upstate NY, there were no pro teams close-by, so I chose Tim Duncan as the guy I liked, which made me a Spurs fan. Since then, I've picked up other favorite players, and immersed myself in the sport. So, sometimes (very infrequently) I have something I need to say about it.

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Random Words

I have had a few different blogs over the years. The first personal blogs started really getting use around 2003 on LiveJournal. In 2006, in honor of my move to Japan, I moved my blog to WordPress. In 2010, I started writing tech news in earnest, and my personal blogs have fallen off since then. Now, most of my random-topic rants can be found at Google+ (though, I'm considering bringing them back here.)

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This Kid's Take

During the days of The Crew webcomic, I asked Kid to write a blog on whatever he wanted. He's always had interesting opinions, but he was always more of an illustrator than writer, but I'm glad I got at least a bit from his head.

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