The technology writing portfolio of Michael Heller who reports on and analyzes the mobile computing and information security ecosystems.

Tech Writing Portfolio

I began my tech writing career in late 2010 with smaller websites, and quickly moved up to a position at PhoneArena in May of 2011, where I wrote about mobile hardware and software. In early 2015, I left PhoneArena to become a Senior Reporter for the Security Media Group at TechTarget.  I have added value to the organizations I represent with my ability to quickly turn news into stories, synthesize multiple stories and trends and create a well thought out analysis, or interview experts with the aim of giving readers knowledge and not just information.

I’m interested in continuing to expanding my professional career as a writer and editor, helping organizations reach audiences in new and valuable ways using new technologies and a unique voice.

The full column archive is quite large at this point, so I've added a "best of" section for easier access to some of my favorite pieces.


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